1. Love and Loss


    Love doesn’t have to end just because the relationship does.While this statement seems obvious, I’ve only JUST reached the point where I can accept this. The ending of a relationship sucks us dry emotionally. With time, we reach a point where we climb off the rollercoaster for good. We usually call that point closure. But sometimes, in rare situations, closure comes with accepting the sentiment…

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  2. What I Learned About Myself While Traveling Abroad

    What I Learned About Myself While Traveling Abroad

    1. I’m fully capable

    2014-07-20 18.42.56 (2)

    This may seem like an obvious sentiment, but for me, it was a revelation. This was my first trip abroad, and I traveled alone for the first 24 hours. It was inspirational, if even a little scary. But I only proved to myself what my heart screamed all along: I’m capable of whatever I put my mind to.

    2. Traveling alone is fulfilling

    2014-07-17 11.43.50

    Though I only spent one day to myself,…

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  3. Can you guess how many pounds this is? Hint: it’s more than 15£ #londonlife #hellachange #jinglejangle

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  5. Causing havoc wherever we go! It’s been real London. Ta ta! #cheerio #londonlife @jazzymp @_baroqueandfodder_ (at Heathrow Airport)

  6. One more time #londonlife #weekendplans #doubletrouble (at Southfields)

  7. Double decker bus. Best way to see london #tourist #chillin (at Big Ben, House Of Parliament, London Eye & London Bridge)

  8. Me + London #leggo #international #dreamsfulfilled #blessed (at vauxhall, london)


  9. A Dream Fulfilled: I’m Going to London

    A Dream Fulfilled: I’m Going to London

    One of my favorite poems is Dreams by Harlem Renaissance poet Langston Hughes. As a child, my siblings and I memorized his words and never forgot them. (My mom is a direct product of the black power movement in the Bay Area, and she instilled a source of cultural pride in us early). Now, as I prepare to spend a glorious week across the pond, Langston’s words come to mind:

    Hold fast to dreams,

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  10. Had such a great time with the girls I hardly had time to snap a flick. #goodtimes #girlsnightout #loverealfriends (at the town, ca)