1. October Writing Challenge: Day 21

    October Writing Challenge: Day 21

    The word of the day is


    Is today the first day of fall? Even if it isn’t, it sure feels like it. Finally! A day where the sun is shining, the leaves are golden brown, scattering across sidewalks, and the air has the slightest chill. It’s not quite cold, but it’s cool. My quarter-sleeved shirt is just warm enough – soon I’ll have to keep a cardigan near. I can’t say it enough: I LOVE fall and…

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  2. October Writing Challenge: Day 20

    October Writing Challenge: Day 20

    The word of the day is


    If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you may have seen a flurry of photos in which I’m smiling widely and posing it UP. This past Saturday, the S.O. and I held our much-anticipated engagement party. It was an intimate gathering, but with about 30 of our closest family and friends in attendance, it felt more like a wedding reception.

    I love, love, love my…

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  3. October Writing Challenge: Day 17

    October Writing Challenge: Day 17

    The word of the day is


    I’m one of those people who hate being stagnant. Though I maintain a stable existence, I feel stifled if I’m not learning SOMETHING. Unfortunately, this need to progress comes with consequences. I am at my most uncomfortable and awkward when I’m growing. I’m super awkward, and as an introvert, I feel it inside out. The good news? I’m used to it. I’ve been this way…

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  4. October Writing Challenge: Day 16

    October Writing Challenge: Day 16

    The word of the day is


    A steward is someone who supervises or manages the possessions of others. As Christians, we must be good stewards of God’s word. As women, we are stewards for our families, supervising and managing everything from potty trainings to checkbooks. There are plenty ways to approach the idea of stewardship, but what stood out most to me was the idea that a steward is…

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  5. October Writing Challenge: Day 15

    October Writing Challenge: Day 15

    The word of the day is


    There’s a Maya Angelou quote that I always see plastered on Facebook walls, Instagram timelines and Pinterest boards that says, “Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option.” This quote used to remind me of past romantic relationships, but it also brings to mind past friendships. People make time for what or whothey really want to. Sorry,…

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  6. October Writing Challenge: Day 14

    October Writing Challenge: Day 14

    The word of the day is


    I know, I know. I skipped a few days. This writing challenge is…challenging! My post is overdue, like a lot of things in my life lately.

    I consider myself a conundrum; I maintain a reasonable self image, but I’m also aloof to a fault. I’m constantly working on that, but recently I’ve been failing where it counts most. What are obvious emotional cues to most people,…

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  7. Mt. Diablo’s never looked so pretty! #contracostacounty #dvc #nature #california #indiansummer (at Diablo Valley College)


  8. October Writing Challenge: Day 10

    October Writing Challenge: Day 10

    The word of the day, on this much-needed Friday, is



    When it comes to friendships, I’m entirely imperfect. I’m aloof to a fault, I’m private, I’m quiet, I’m sometimes self-centered, I’m highly selective, I’m stubborn, and I’m on the move, all the time. But the good friends, the ones that really really care, have made it through all the ups and downs. Sisterhood is so important to me.…

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  9. Even construction workers have a sense of humor! #photobomb #CCC #istaysafe #tgif


  10. October Writing Challenge: Day 9

    October Writing Challenge: Day 9

    The word of the day is



    Yes, it’s once again ‘Throwback Thursday’ or #TBT as Instagram users tag it. Today, I found a great photo from a few years ago I couldn’t resist posting. Throwback. Way back. Back into the past. Or, Sankofa, which I have tatooed to remind me to reflect on the past and learn from it.

    I used to “reflect” a lot on the past. So much so, that it would negatively…

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